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Same Hour Delivery

Whether it is for retail, high quality food and drinks, marketing campaigns, we deliver it. Our multi-drop pricing can cost as little as £3 and up to 50% cheaper than traditional courier services.

Concierge Service Branding

Our concierge service extends our partners’ brands and optimises the customer experience to the point of delivery. Our cyclists provide the ultimate customer experience whilst wearing our partners’ branded merchandise and personally pass on any specific messages they may require.

100% Eco Friendly

Poor air quality, congestion, coupled with decreasing capacity on London’s roads are challenging issues that demand innovative solutions. Average traffic speed in London is now 7.8 mph, our cyclists are up to 50% faster!

How does it work?

From customers placing the order online to Xeroe delivering it, took just 38 minutes. The customer was blown away and has enhanced our brand and the customer experience”

Greg Hilson, Operations Manager, Apidura

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